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T-Go is a mobile application that will allow users to request other users to purchase and deliver selected items for them with all the transaction handling being done internally.


T’Go an application that will allow users to make requests such as purchasing specific groceries, have other users fulfill such requests, and handle the transactions between the two parties. The application is being developed for the Android platform. It will connect to a server to hold all of our user information and record requests and transactions. T’Go will do two things for our community. The first is that it will give convenience to our users. People sometimes do not have the time to run and get groceries. This will help assist them in their lives. The second thing this app can do is provide a second source of income for people who are willing to be drivers. They would be able to choose their own hours, and when the transactions are done, the costs of the driver will be taken into account so they will not lose money.


o Develop the ability for members to request a driver to pick up their items.
o Allow drivers to accept requests from a “bulletin board” of available requests.
o Develop a way to handle transactions between member and drivers, such as handling payment and contracts using technology such as BlockChain
o Develop routes for drivers to minimize their gas mileage and show them which stores to go to.
o Develop a progress tracker so that the members can see where their driver is at.
o Store all of our users as either members, drivers, or administrators i a database to help keep track of who is involved with what requests.


The Team

Andrew Marshall

Project Lead

I'm Andrew but my nickname is Danger. I'm a senior in Computer Engineering and I spend my free time listening to music and playing video games

Alex Daly

Key Concept Holder

I'm a senior in Computer Engineering. I enjoy working with computers,food, hanging with friends and long walks on the beach. I do find that beaches are hard to find at times in Iowa .

Darrall Flowers


I'm a senior in Software Engineering at Iowa State. I've always loved messing around with computers and things I can do with them. My favorite things are Cloud Computing and the people I've met in the industry while working with the Cloud .

Micheal Phippen

GitHub Manager

I'm Micheal, a senior in Software Engineering with a minor in googling everything.

David Lauria

Communication Manager

I'm David. I spend too much playing poker and playing video games. I'm a senior in software engineering.

Jacob Spolestra

Database Manager

I'm Jacob, a senior in Software Enigneering and my spare time is spent working through my large collection of unplayed games on Steam.

Yong Guan



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